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Welcome to Surfandyoga.com

Surfandyoga.com is the largest listing directory Surf and Yoga activities. We list the best and most popular Surf and Yoga adventures, Surf Camps, Surf trip organizers, Yoga studios, Yoga retreats, resorts, and instructors around the world.

Business owners can instantly register and showcase their business profiles. define their availability, receive payments, and communicate with their clients. Clients can look for surf or yoga businesses, review their profiles, book adventures, and leave feedback.

Surfandyoga.com was born in 2013 by it founder Dris Mi, a young entrepreneur, surfer and yogi, and a mindset and performance coach.

After a trip to the United States, Dris was inspired by marketplace apps like AirBnB and Uber where he experienced warm and convenient ways to travel and meet new people from New York to LA.

He arrived in California surf-starved, positively overwhelmed to see the ocean, but not prepared for surfing there. Having no equipment and no local knowledge, he longed for an app or tool to see who might be around for a surf session, or where he can join a little surf trip. The Internet had scattered information, but not all in one place.

Luckily, his childhood friend Yassir lived two hours down the road in San Diego. He picked Dris up from a quaint train station in Santa Ana, California; ready with an extra board and off they went straight to Salt Creek, a spectacular surf spot in South Orange County. It was like a scene from the Endless Summer, a movie they watched religiously at Dris’s house two decades ago. “It was one of the best experiences I ever had,” said Dris. “The waves were perfect, the timing was ideal, the light was magical, and I was so happy to see my old good friend.”

Yassir made the trip easy by providing Dris the gear and guidance he needed. He took Dris to the best spots in San Diego. He knew what worked best with the current tides, swell direction, and winds, and stopped along the way for the best smoothies and tacos in town.

The fact that Dris was with a good friend who knew the area and with whom he could share his passion for surfing, is what specifically made his trip so special, and that’s how the idea of creating a platform where Surf and Yoga fans can easily find activities and practices that they like came to him.

Back to Sweden, Dris knew that he was onto something and invested all of his energy and resources on this idea. Surfandyoga.com was born.


Zen and stoke are two sides of the same coin: they are the product of living, truly, in the present. Once on a wave, nothing else matters, only the festival of light and water surrounding you, filling you with an inexplicable euphoria, which “only a surfer knows the feeling”.

Likewise, after an hour of yoga and meditation, all worries vanish, giving way to the infinite and empowering energy found within. In essence, surfing and yoga quench the same thirst: the need to live in the moment, a primal yet often neglected need. Most importantly, surfing and yoga connect like-minded people, creating new friendships, spontaneous adventures, and a sense of community that is highly needed in today’s self-centred trends.

Join the community, find the most popular Surf and Yoga adventures and activities around the world, and connect with like-minded people to practice with or learn from.

e: contact@surfandyoga.com

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