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Ask anyone who has spent many a winter on the North Shore and they’ll tell you that this has been a strange season. Funky swell directions and funkier winds have had even the most on-the-pulse surfers scra [....]

Eighteen-year-old Honolua Blomfield embodies the style and grace of a World Longboarding Champ. But when she arrived in Taiwan a couple weeks ago for the final event of the WSL Women's Longboard season, she [....]

Pipeline is arguably one of the hardest waves to master. It takes years–if not decades–to really become a maestro of the fabled break, even for those who were born with talent and pluckiness pulsing thro [....]

Remember the lanky kid throwing mind-bending airs over Maldivian lips in Volcom's "True to This"? Or how about the full spectrum of grabs, rotations and inversions he busted out in the 2015 epic "Psychic Mig [....]

There's a scene out in front of the house. The whole North Shore is a scene this morning, but the woman trying to put up the giant pink tent on the side of the road is really tearing it up. She's locked in a [....]

You'd have to forgive Taylor Jensen for his belated response to our request for an interview. After a whirlwind series of events last week in Taiwan—which saw Jensen fall in the quarterfinals, only to have [....]

Dusty Payne has spent the past six years bouncing on and off the ‘CT, battling injury throughout. Since first qualifying in 2011, he's damaged his knee twice, his ankle once, and, most recently, elected to [....]

It was a week before famed Australian slab surfer Mark Mathews' Cape Fear contest was set to run, featuring an international field of big-wave legends including Shane Dorian, Bruce Irons, Ian Walsh, Albee La [....]

This ad is a masterpiece. A truly stunning example of the finest entertainment Craigslist ads can offer. The Santa Cruz-y [....]