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Nathan Oldfield is a humble artist. In defiance of so many modern conceptions of artists as tortured, suffering martyrs, Oldfield pieces together beautiful projects in-between living a full life as a surfer, [....]

A couple of years ago, Santa Barbara shaper Ryan Lovelace's career was at an impasse. Approaching 30, he'd already been shaping for a full one-third of his life, piquing the interests of inquisitive surf ent [....]

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Eastern 2017 from Shoots Media on Vimeo.

Check out the amazing [....]

Despite the lack of summer swell over the past three months, 50 surfers in the San Diego area have been paddling out as much as possible, putting a new line of fins through the paces. The group of test-rider [....]

A little more than a year ago, the Gudauskas Brothers organized a surfboard drive of historic proportions. Over the course of a few months, Pat, Dane, and Tanner utilized their social media accounts and call [....]

We may not notice when they occur, but little things make big differences in how we get to where we are. It's like the so-called butterfly effect: A wee little butterfly flaps its wings in China and eventual [....]